Sales department: +38 (067) 618 11 11

Address: Ostriv village, 1 Promyslova str., Ukraine

Sales department: +38 (067) 618 11 11

Address: Ostriv village, 1 Promyslova str., Ukraine

About Ternopil Meat Processing Plant

We are a Ukrainian enterprise with facilities in Ternopil region (Ostriv village, Velykoberezovytska community). The technical capabilities of the plant allow us to process pork, beef and poultry from slaughter to finished product in compliance with all state quality standards. "Ternopil Meat Processing Plant", as well as the "Studio Meat" and "CM Market" retail chains, are part of the Agroprodservice Group's closed-loop agricultural production cycle.
Agroprodservice was founded in 1999 by Ukrainian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and now People's Deputy of Ukraine Ivan Chaykivskyy.
The company's CEO is Andriy Baran.


Produced by

430 types


The workshops process

800 tons

of pork per month

400 tons

birds per month

150 tons

of beef per month


"Agroprodservice" is one of the largest agricultural companies in Ukraine. The company cultivates more than 42 thousand hectares of land on a regular basis. The company's main business areas are seed production, crop production and animal husbandry.
The structure of Agroprodservice includes 8 partner companies, which as a result form a complete closed agricultural production cycle:
- seed production, cultivation of cereals, industrial and legumes;
- soybean processing into oil and cake, production of animal feed based on soybean cake;
- pig farms, poultry farms, dairy farms, cattle farms;
- a meat processing plant;
- own retail chains "Studio Meat" and "CM Market".

The pig farms are located in the Ternopil region, in the villages of Nastasiv, Stare Misto, Oryshkivtsi, Kalne, Bohatkivtsi, Maryanivka, Baikivtsi and Zarozhany (Chernivtsi region). The number of pigs is 150 thousand, including 12 thousand sows. The company operates 5 dairy farms (Teofipilka, Urman, Kozliv, Lozova, Denysiv) and one fattening complex (Kupchyntsi).
Agroprodservice is a member of the Danube Soybean Association, an international association of agricultural enterprises engaged in crop production that has declared its rejection of GMOs in the cultivation of soybeans. Therefore, the company can confidently guarantee the environmental friendliness of the animal feed.


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