Sales department: +38 (067) 618 11 11

Address: Ostriv village, 1 Promyslova str., Ukraine

Sales department: +38 (067) 618 11 11

Address: Ostriv village, 1 Promyslova str., Ukraine

Ternopil Meat Factory

From our own farms and fields

We produce fresh meat, sausages, semi-finished products and canned goods from pork, beef and chicken of our own production. 

producetypes of products
виготовляється у нас
1 350
producetons of meat per month
обробляється на цехах
types of products
1 350
tons of meat per month


Ternopil Meat Factory produces more than 430 types of products of various categories:

Fresh meat
27 items of pork and 13 items of chicken
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Sausages and meat
72 items of sausage and other delicacies
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Chilled semi-finished
122 types of chilled semi-finished
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Canned meat and meat-vegetable
68 meat and 57 meat-vegetable products
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Canned vegetables
38 canned vegetables
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Our brands

All products are manufactured under three brands:

Ternopil Meat Processing Plant
The company's oldest brand, which was created back in the Soviet era and has come a long way in its growth and development of individuality.
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Babusi Marusi
A line of products based on home recipes of housewives from the surrounding villages. Products with the taste of a carefree childhood at grandma's house. Delicious, simple, just like for yourself.
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An elite line of craft products based on unique old Galician recipes. It is made from poultry and farm rabbits.
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Production cycle

The entire cycle of meat production, from growing it to making finished products, is carried out in compliance with all requirements and under the close supervision of the quality department.

1. Cultivation
Our meat is grown on our own farms with careful care and appropriate standardized conditions, and the animals are fed with our own feed
2. Slaughter
For slaughtering, we use a fast and humane current method in a special workshop, after which the meat is stored in a chilled workshop at 4°C
3. Processing
At the next stage, the product goes to the deboning stage, during which it is divided into smaller parts, or into half-carcasses (for wholesale trade).
4. Manufacturing of products
The meat is then distributed to different departments, depending on the type of product to be produced: fresh meat, sausages, canned goods, chilled or frozen semi-finished products


All products of the company comply with the following certificates:

All products manufactured at our meat processing plant are tested and meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018, and our own laboratory regularly monitors the quality of raw materials and finished products
Halal certificate is the main document that allows exporting food to Muslim countries and confirms that it does not contain harmful additives and preservatives, is pure and healthy
Since its launch in 2016 the company is a multiple winner in the People's Brand competition in various nominations, which demonstrates the trust in the brand and its products in the food segment among people


The meat grown on our own farms is distributed to different departments at the processing stage:

Slaughter and deboning
Slaughterhouses can handle 420 heads of pigs, 50 heads of cattle and 10 thousand heads of poultry (chicken and turkey) in one shift, after that, the meat is sent for cooling and deboning.
Sausage workshop
The sausage workshop produces more than 100 types of sausage products, which are divided into: boiled, semi-smoked, boiled-smoked, raw smoked, sausages, sausages and deli products
Canning workshop
Per day, the company produces 50 thousand cans in two shifts. The cannery produces more than 130 types of canned meat and vegetable products in compliance with all ISO and DSTU standards
Semi-finished products
The workshop operates 24/7, which makes it possible to produce more than 350 kg of products per day. 19 types of products are manufactured and stored in a freezer at a temperature of -30°C

Own logistics

TMK has its own logistics and fleet of vehicles that travel throughout Ukraine.

Each vehicle is equipped in accordance with all the standards required for the transportation of meat products, maintains the required temperature conditions and has all the tools for transporting half carcasses.

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About us

Ternopil Meat Factory is a Ukrainian enterprise with facilities in Ternopil region (Ostrov village, Velykoberezovytska community). The plant's technical capabilities allow it to process pork, beef and poultry from slaughter to finished product in compliance with all state quality standards.
"Studio Meat" and "CM Market" retail chains, as well as Ternopil Meat Factory, are part of the closed-loop agricultural production cycle of Agroprodservice Group.


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Ostriv village, 1 Promyslova str.

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Monday - Sunday: 8:00 - 18:00


Sales department: +38 (067) 618 11 11
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Buy meat in bulk - fresh meat, sausages, semi-finished products and canned food. Order meat in bulk from the manufacturer for enterprises, restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops. We supply pork, beef, and chicken from our own fattening facilities. Meat in bulk from the manufacturer with delivery from Ternopil Meat Packing Plant